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In Brief:  Cad Manager using both AutoCAD and MicroStation;

                Assistant Civil Engineer with design, survey, construction experience;

                Network Administrator and PC Support Technician;

                Hardware and Software PC builds, upgrades, and troubleshooting.

Objectives: To gather and integrate data into an efficient, cost-effective design solution customized for both the site and client; to take full advantage of CAD features to design and complete projects cost-effectively; customize CAD environment for maximum productivity; manage, educate, and instruct users in CAD capabilities.

Experience: Extensive experience in engineering, CAD management, MicroStation, and AutoCAD including:

§  MicroStation CAD Manager – (Current) Customize user interface menus, toolboxes, sheet layouts, cells, details, libraries, linestyles, printing, macros; institute IDOT compatibility standards. Develop standards for plan sheet layouts, large scale atlas exhibits, and linked databases; troubleshooting, upgrading and support; some GIS with ArcGIS; some Geopak.

§  AutoCAD Designer / Manager – Drafting, design, installation, troubleshooting, management; customized printing, plotting, menus, toolbars, symbol libraries; SoftDesk; support other users including project scheduling, skills evaluation; train users both individually and collectively through seminars.

§  Design Civil Assistant Engineersurveying, topography, RFPs, drafting, design, estimating, construction layout, construction inspection, billing, project proposals, database; Phase I, Phase II, Phase III; equipment including level, rod, transit, data collector, and total station; company representative before village board; acting resident engineer. Storm and sanitary sewers, water mains, illumination, intersections, traffic signals/ studies, subdivisions, reconstructions, land development, mapping, atlases.

§  Network Administrator – Microsoft Windows NT. User environment of 75 users at multiple sites;  installations, upgrades, maintenance;  administered Windows NT groups, policies, NTFS permissions, RAS, backups; installed PCs, printers and hubs, upgraded Windows, NT, Office, AutoCAD;also technical support for AutoCAD, Windows, and Microsoft Office.

§  PC Assembler – Custom design and assemble PCs and Workstations from components.

§  Webmaster – Company Web sites using various software tools.

Employment History

§  Heuer and Associates, Westchester, IL --- CAD Manager, Project Engineer (Current)

§  McClier Corporation, Chicago, IL --- AutoCAD Support Technician.

§  Patrick Engineering, Inc., Lisle, IL --- Information Systems Coordinator, Assistant Engineer, Network Administrator, and Webmaster.

§  Harry O. Hefter Associates, Inc., Chicago, IL --- Assistant Engineer and AutoCAD Designer.

§  Edwin Hancock Engineering Company, Westchester, IL --- CAD Designer / Manager and Assistant Engineer.

§  Sewer Systems Evaluations, Inc., Chicago, IL --- Drafter.